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Top 3 Home Appraisal Factors

Appraising a home (determining its worth) is difficult – especially for the homeowner. When you look at your home, you see the memories you built there, the hard work you put into your yard, and the many improvements you’ve made inside the home. But a home appraiser doesn’t see any of those things. There are 3 main factors that will determine the value of your home.

  1. Location – Homes close to major shopping areas, entertainment options, and places of business provide convenient commutes. These homes are going to be a huge plus to potential buyers, which will boost your home’s value.
  2. Schools – For any parent or future parent searching for a home, schools will be the biggest determining factor. Great local schools will result in a higher appraisal because they are more desirable to home buyers.
  3. Home condition – Appraisers and potential buyers will have a better impression of your home if there is curb appeal, a first-rate kitchen, and an updated master bath. Improving these three areas will help your home appraise for a higher value.

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