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The One Room that Will Almost Always Make a Buyer Bail

The first visit to a potential home is a lot like a first date. It can be going great, but then even a small red flag can ruin the entire night. It can be the perfect house, but then you see that room and you can’t get out fast enough.

And it’s actually more than one room. There are several offenders that routinely turn off a majority of buyers. If you’re guilty of having any of these, it’s best to make some changes before listing your house.

  1. The empty room – If the buyer walks through your house and sees an empty room, they will immediately think the house is too big for them and wonder what the room could even be used for.
  2. The dark room – Even if the rest of the house is fully lit from corner to corner, one dark room will make the entire house seem small and cramped.
  3. The cluttered room – A cluttered room (whether it’s a playroom, bathroom, or even a closet) gives the impression that the home is lacking in storage. Before listing, be sure to declutter and pack away most of your belongings at an offsite location.

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