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8 ways to avoid stress when selling your house

Selling a home can cause a lot of stress and anxiety if you’re not given the right guidance. Not only do you have to find and purchase your new home, but you also have to list and close on your current home. The added stress can be exhausting and cause details to be missed in every part of the process. Here are a couple of ways you can work to curb the stress of selling you house.

  1. Choose the right agent – Hire an agent that can handle the market and your expectations. Make sure you trust their knowledge and experience, and if you don’t, find a new one! Knowing that you can trust your agent to get things done the right way is the best way to avoid stress.
  2. Trust your choice – It is easy to second you guess your choices – your choice to sell, you choice in agent, your choice in new homes. Once you make your decision, trust that you made the right one! There is a reason you made that decision in the first place, and if you don’t have legitimate reasons to second guess yourself, don’t do it.
  3. Don’t sweat the small stuff – Selling a house is a life-changing event and it is easy to get bogged down by every tiny thing that doesn’t go exactly to plan. It is important to focus your energy on the good things, and the things that you can control. Don’t overwhelm yourself worrying about the small details.
  4. Stay in contact – Not only do you need to stay in contact with your agent, but you need to stay in touch with your family as well. It’s easy to say you are too busy for family dinners, or to call your parents who are out of state, but they are your support system. They can’t support you if they can’t talk to you!
  5. Get in the right mindset – Life doesn’t stop just because you are selling a house. It can be a long process, so it’s important to step back from time to time, take a deep breath, and spend some time on yourself.
  6. Don’t take things too personally – You are not your house. You may receive some less than stellar feedback or low offers from potential buyers. It is important to have patience and know that the right buyer will come.
  7. Listen to the market – It is ok to be proud of your home, but try not to be prideful. Sometimes pride can cause you to list your house too high. Listen to the market and your agent, and price your house right to get it sold quickly.

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