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6 Decor Trends to Avoid if You Want to Sell

There is a huge difference between decorating for your tastes and decorating to appeal to the masses and get your house sold. If you’re staying put for a while and want an orange bedroom, go for it. But maybe avoid these 6 trends if you’re trying to attract buyers.

  1. Wallpaper – Although it is starting to come back into style, a subtle, neutral painted wall is they way to go to avoid turning off potential buyers.
  2. Intricate tile – Again, it has its place, but opting for a neutral, timeless tile (like a white subway tile) is the quickest way to attract a buyer.
  3. Too many bold colors – Leave the bright blues and reds for rugs and furniture, and let any more permanent features (cabinets, walls, and carpets) remain in the neutral category.
  4. Too much white – It’s easy to go entirely too far into the neutral zone and wind up coming off as sterile. Make sure to warm it up with some wood tones and gray or brown neutrals.
  5. Non-stainless steel appliances – Stainless steel is the neutral of kitchen appliances, and black or white appliances automatically give a kitchen a dated feel.
  6. A statement door that makes too much of a statement – Although bold front doors are very popular right now, most people still tend to prefer the classic red or black.

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