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5 Tips for Moving Out of State

An out of state move requires meticulous planning and preparation. Any move is difficult, but there are many things in a long haul move that can go wrong. Hopefully these tips will make it feel like you’re moving just across the street.

  1. Pare down – Before any move, you should purge every unneeded item, but it’s especially important for a longer move. Most movers charge based on volume or weight, so it may be cheaper to consider things like buying new furniture after you move.
  2. Ask about insurance – It is always worth it to upgrade to full value coverage!!! If the movers drop your $800 TV, standard coverage will barely pay for the gas to go purchase a new one.
  3. Check the calendar – Give yourself more time than you think you’ll need to move. Delivery times are always estimated so your belongings may not arrive when you are planning.
  4. Label everything and take photos – Keep VERY careful track of what you pack, where you pack it, and the condition it was in when you packed it. It’s easier to get something replaced if you can prove it was broken in transit.
  5. Don’t pack daily essentials – Keep things like toilet paper, disposable plates, and the coffee maker in the car so you don’t have to hunt through a mountain of boxes when you arrive at your new house.

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