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5 Tips for an Ideal Home Showing

Are you selling your home and want to make the best impression possible on potential buyers? Here are 5 tips for a fantastic home showing.

  1. Make your house as “normal” as possible – Many people have a hard time imagining living in a home where the garage has been turned into an art studio. Sellers should make sure each room follows its original purpose – a bedroom should have a bed, and office should have a desk, etc.
  2. Let the light in – Natural light accentuates the best parts of a home, so during the day you should pull the curtains back and the blinds up.
  3. Clean, clean, clean – Just like light accentuates the best parts of a home, it also exposes the dirtiest parts. Make sure to vacuum, sweep, and dust every surface including baseboards and above the fridge.
  4. Take yourself out of your home – When a buyer walks through a home, they want to imagine themselves living there, which is hard to do with dark green walls and family portraits everywhere. So paint your walls a neutral color and take down the pictures.
  5. Win the beauty contest – Make sure your yard is maintained, bushes are trimmed, and the porch is clean. You should also plant flowers and lay down fresh pine straw for additional curb appeal.

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