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5 Home Maintenance Tasks You Must Tackle This Spring

The flowers are blooming and a sheet of pollen is covering every surface. That also means it’s time to tackle some of the home maintenance you put off all winter. Don’t know where to start? Take a look at this list of tasks that you absolutely must do this spring.

  1. Take a walk – A lot can happen through the changing of seasons. So the first thing you should do is walk the perimeter of your house to look for things like damaged siding, missing paint, holes, cracks, downspout damage, and standing water around your foundation.
  2. Look at your crawl space – It’s not desirable, but it needs to be done. Pipes can freeze, mold can grow, and critters can set up house. It’s important to handle these before they become too serious.
  3. Repair winter damage in the yard – Clear out dead grass and leaves, weeds, and sticks. If it’s warm enough, now is a great time to plant some new shrubs and flowers, and lay down new mulch.
  4. Tune up your mower – After months of gathering dust in your garage, your lawn mower will need a little love. Clean the outside, change the oil, and fill the tank with fresh gas.
  5. Check your AC – The last thing you want is to find out your HVAC is broken right when it gets warm. Change the filter and clean it with a hose before testing it.

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