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5 DIY projects to leave to the pros

We get it, HGTV makes you feel empowered to do anything. Before you pick up a hammer and nails, consider this: REALITY TV IS NOT ACTUALLY REALITY. Home improvement shows are about the story, they are meant to be entertaining. Permits and paperwork and all the small details do not make compelling television!

So if you’re thinking of DIYing a project in your home and it’s on this list, think twice!

  1. Molding – Crown molding always seems like a quick and easy way to class up a room, but no walls in a house are perfectly straight! It may seem straightforward before you start your project, but no amount of caulk can smooth over what a professional is able to avoid.
  2. Floor refinishing – Sanding off the top layer of your floor with equipment rented by the hour sounds like a great cost-saving plan. However, sanding machines require a lot of practice to get right. Sanding too long in one spot could result in drum marks that are difficult and expensive to fix.
  3. Electrical work – Yes, there are Youtube tutorials for just about everything, including projects like wiring for a dimmer switch. But no matter how handy you are, electrical wiring should be left to the pros! The Electrical Safety Department has reported that electrical accidents result in over 400 deaths per year.
  4. Tiling – A great looking tile job requires more work than many people realize. It’s more than gluing some tiles down and calling it a day. Just the learning curve of making cuts alone, whether around cabinets, tubs, or faucets is enough to stop and hire a professional.
  5. Roofing – There are two big reasons to avoid fixing your own roof. The first is obvious – you are putting yourself in danger of falling and seriously hurting yourself. If you do manage to stay on your roof, then you run the risk of costing yourself much more than a professional if the roof leaks.

Certain jobs are too dangerous, too pricey, or too complicated to try to DIY. A good rule of thumb is if you don’t know or own 90% of the tools needed for the job, hire a pro.

Ashley Wilson Realty Group has a great team of Premier Partners, and we would love to help you find the right person for your project. Call us today at 919-378-1974.

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