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4 Tips for Making an Offer on Your Dream Home

You’ve decided to make the move to your dream home. You’ve met with a realtor you like, you’ve seen several homes, and you’ve found one that you absolutely love. Before making an offer, here are 4 tips to ensure your real estate dreams come true.

  1. Know how much house you can afford – Assuming you’ve followed our previous advice, you got pre-approved before house hunting and already know what you can afford. You also need to be prepared for any repairs that may need to be made.
  2. Act fast – In today’s market, inventory is low and there is a lot of competition. When you find a house you love, you need to work with your agent to make an offer as soon as possible.
  3. Make a strong offer – Not only does your offer need to be fast, it needs to be good. Again, with competition and low inventory, your first offer needs to stand out from other offers the seller may receive. Whether it is a higher offer or more due diligence money, a local agent will know the best way to get you noticed.
  4. Be prepared to negotiate – It is very likely that you will get at least one counteroffer from the sellers. Don’t let this discourage you! Having an expert agent and knowing how much you can afford will greatly help you during this process.

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