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2 great ways to get the most money when selling

Every homeowner wants to make the maximum amount of money when they sell. But how can you guarantee that you’ll make top dollar?

Here are 2 great ways to ensure that you’ll receive the most for your house:

  1. Price it right – Many homeowners think that pricing their home over market value will leave them room for negotiation, but this actually lessens the demand for your house. Instead of trying to “win” future negotiations, your home should be priced to maximize demand. By doing this, you as the seller won’t have to fight with the buyer, but multiple buyers will be fighting each other.
  2. Use a real estate agent – This may also seem counterintuitive – paying a commission rather than pocketing that extra percentage. However, homes sold by an agent typically sell for more than FSBO. They also tend to sell faster! This is because a realtor has the knowledge about what buyers are looking for, and the expertise to attract them.

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